The operational leverage for private equity investments

As an operating partner, we focus on operational and strategic levers to increase the corporate value of private equity portfolio companies.

We work both conceptually and hands-on in the implementation of value creation measures – mostly on site at the company. We take on consulting projects as well as interim management mandates. This allows managing directors to focus on their core business and often also helps members of private equity investment teams to focus on their deal pipeline or ongoing transactions.

Some of our main topics:

  • Development and implementation of 100-day plans, e.g. immediately after the PE firm’s investment (reporting, controlling, value enhancement strategies, operational improvements etc.)
  • Planning and management of company integrations and buy-and-build strategies
  • Strategic organizational development, e.g. in succession situations or for growth strategies
  • Development and implementation of value enhancement strategies (sales growth, cost reduction, cash flow optimization)

“I’m thrilled about the results ANSAPARTNERS has been able to achieve in the AUCTUS portfolio companies. Within a short time, real value is created through sustainable operational improvements—even in companies that were already well-positioned.”

Dr. Ingo Krocke
Chairman of
AUCTUS Capital Partners AG

Successfully implementing buy-and-build strategies

As an external operating partner, ANSAPARTNERS has a special focus on the successful implementation of complex buy-and-build strategies.

Case Study Pharmalex: “Building a global B2B pharmaceutical services company based on a buy-and-build strategy that unites local champions.”

Number of employees grew by a factor of 4 in 3 years


In 3 years 12 companies were bought and integrated


  • AUCTUS acquires YES Pharma in October 2014
  • ANSAPARTNERS is mandated by YES Pharma as Operating Partner


  • Acquisition of ActionMed (Spain) and Wainwright (UK)
  • YES Pharma merges with Pharmalex
  • PharmaLex offices in the USA and China start operations


  • Acquisition of Lindeq (Nordics), Jacobsen Pharma (Denmark and Belgium), Alenda (Belgium and USA)
  • Establishment of PharmaLex offices in France and Switzerland


  • Acquisition of Safis Solutions (USA),  Degge Consulting (USA), Complya Consulting (USA),  NHE Nordic Health Economics (Sweden) und McGee Pharma (Ireland)

“ANSAPARTNERS contributes significantly to the success of our buy-and-build strategy. Their activities in areas such as corporate integration, organizational development and process optimization lead to a significant increase in corporate value.”

Dr. Thomas Dobmeyer
Shareholder and Managing Director of
PharmaLex Group


Organization and leadership for innovation and growth

With the investment of private equity investors and the associated corporate growth, the framework conditions and the demands on organization and management are changing. Approaches and methods, which have brought a company from its foundation to a certain point, often reach their limits and must be further developed in order not to become a bottleneck for further growth (“organizational gap”).

From our work with many fast-growing companies with private equity investments, we can draw on a pool of experience in best practice examples and support our clients in taking the right measures.

Some examples from our project work:

  • Introduction to agile working methods and agile management of concrete projects
  • Implementation of cross-departmental (Kaizen) workshops, e. g. on the subject of digitization
  • Expansion of key figures (KPI)-based management
  • Introduction of visual management such as Kanban boards
  • Introduction of employee development programs
  • New development of bonus systems
  • Development of Balanced Score Cards (BSCs)
  • Introduction of new meeting formats as management and organisational tools

„With their agile approach, ANSAPARTNERS has significantly expanded our understanding of the potential of digitization. Their introduction of business intelligence tools, a mobile app for our onboard couriers and the complete redevelopment of our software landscape make our business even more efficient, transparent and scalable.”

Holger Zulauf
Founder and Managing Director of
SamedayLogistics GmbH


Learn more about our work as an external operating partner

As external operating partners, we specialize in the particular challenges and opportunities of private equity portfolio companies – questions on the development and implementation of value-enhancing strategies, the successful implementation of complex buy-and-build strategies and post merger integrations or questions on the development of organisation and leadership in fast-growing companies.

We understand the perspective of private equity investors as well as that of managing directors of portfolio companies – we know both perspectives from our own experience. We understand the entire private equity investment process in detail and also rely on this knowledge for operational measures – e. g. in the preparation of reports for investors and financing banks.

“Let’s talk about how our model of external operating partners can increase the value of your company and help you focus on your core business.”

David Hecker
Founder und Managing Director



ANSA, f. [ˈɑːnsə]

1) Latin: opportunity

2) Latin: handle (e.g. door handle)

By the way, ANSA means both opportunity and handle (e.g. door handle) in Latin and therefore symbolizes our commitment to open up new avenues for our customers. In Latin, ANSA is pronounced like the English word “answer”, which represents our focus on finding answers and achieving results together with our customers.


While entering into a cooperation with private equity investors creates exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs and employees, it also brings new challenges. Often, differences in company culture must be bridged, and additional requirements (such as new reporting standards) must be met. In order to achieve the joint goals of the company and its investors, the financial resources of the investor alone often don’t suffice—typically, a multitude of strategic projects must be managed and the organization structurally improved. What follows is an increased need for management expertise, methodological competence and leadership capacity. ANSAPARTNERS offers valuable support during such periods of organizational change.


Provide support during the collaboration with private equity investors

    • Compliance with demands for reporting and controlling
    • Coaching for potential critical inquiries by investors
    • Mediation to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts

Develop and implement value enhancement programs and Buy & Build strategies

    • Development and implementation of a 100-day plan immediately upon entry of the investor
    • Strategy development with an integrated approach and a focus on marketing, sales, innovation, culture, organization, controlling, finance, operations and IT
    • Management of buy-and-build strategies and integration programs

Develop organizations that are more agile, innovative and customer-focused

    • Introduction of modern management methods
    • Promotion of an entrepreneurial mindset throughout the organization
    • Training of management and employees


Reporting, Controlling and Corporate Finance

To facilitate a successful and smooth start of our clients’ cooperation with private equity investors, we often handle the development and implementation of reporting, controlling and corporate finance measures at the outset of the cooperation. With keen insights into what’s important to both company management and investors, we also regularly take on the role of mediator before conflicts can arise.
  • P-01: Development and implementation of reporting for financial data and KPIs
  • P-02: Coaching of the management team on how to report to private equity investors
  • P-03: Introduction of a sales controlling system to manage sales activities
  • P-04: Further development of monthly financial reporting, incl. a dynamic EBITDA bridge to distinguish between quantity, price, mix and productivity effects
  • P-05: Development and implementation of capacity scheduling for coordination between operational teams, personnel and sales department
  • P-06: Training of employees in the effective evaluation and visualization of data
  • P-07: Development and implementation of a catalogue of measures to increase the quality of business intelligence
  • P-08: Implementation of a cross-departmental, standardized process to calculate the cost of customer projects
  • P-09: Agile development and implementation of an "activity-based costing" procedure to calculate cost and contribution margins of individual product variants
  • P-10: Agile development and implementation of a procedure to calculate the cost and contribution margins of projects, incl. based on employee time tracking
  • P-11: Introduction of professional investment processes for investment goods
  • P-12: Training of employees in the basics of corporate finance
  • P-13: Development of a capital market communication strategy and creation of road show documents to increase capital (to the tune of tens of millions)
  • P-14: Development and introduction of new budgeting processes

Marketing and Sales

The entry of private equity investors is commonly associated with high expectations on all sides. In order to reach the ambitious goals that are set, the company’s focus must be directed toward main value drivers. Through close cooperation with our clients, we identify key strategic and operational projects in the areas of sales, marketing and innovation. In addition to providing concept development, we also facilitate the implementation together with our clients’ employees.
  • P-15: Development of a marketing plan to reposition a given business segment
  • P-16: Development of a strategy for expanding the product portfolio
  • P-17: Development of a new business model to attract premium customers
  • P-18: Training of employees in methods of market and competitive analysis
  • P-19: Training of the management team in modern concepts and methods of strategy development
  • P-20: Business model development for an online business
  • P-21: Development of a forecast model for global market trends in a niche market
  • P-22: Strategy development to increase cross-selling and upselling
  • P-23: Development of an online strategy, incl. relaunch of the company website
  • P-24: Implementation of customer segmentation and detailed customer characterization
  • P-25: Development of a sales partner strategy
  • P-26: Introduction of multi-channel management
  • P-27: Introduction of sales funnel management
  • P-28: Development and introduction of new CRM processes based on "agile" methodology
  • P-29: Introduction of value-based pricing

Processes and IT

In order to ensure sustainable business growth, processes must be further developed and optimized on an ongoing basis. The scalability of a platform can become a key competitive advantage. For this reason, we develop and implement efficient, streamlined processes for our clients and support IT projects with our "agile" approach.
  • P-30: Development and introduction of processes for outsourcing peak demand
  • P-31: Introduction of continuous daily utilization planning for the implementation of level loading and the improvement of average capacity utilization
  • P-32: eorganization of quality management based on a CIP approach MORE
  • P-33: Development and implementation of an action plan to improve delivery reliability
  • P-34: Agile development of capacity scheduling in a project-based business
  • P-35: Optimization of the invoicing process
  • P-36: Development and implementation of efficient new processes around business intelligence
  • P-37: Development and implementation of new processes to improve coordination of sales measures
  • P-38: Agile development and implementation of an "activity-based costing" tool
  • P-39: Agile development and implementation of a tool to calculate the cost and contribution margins of projects, incl. based on employee time tracking
  • P-40: Development and introduction of a CRM tool based on "agile" methodology

Organization, Employees and Culture

We firmly believe that a company’s organization, employees and culture are central components of its success. Dynamic entrepreneurship at all levels, a customer-focused orientation and development opportunities for each employee are essential. For this reason, projects in these areas are also a regular part of our work.
  • P-41: Development of target and bonus systems for managers and employees
  • P-42: Mediation to resolve conflicts between managers
  • P-43: Development of a concept to increase integration with client companies
  • P-44: Development and implementation of decentralized business intelligence to enhance business analytics and reduce the processing time of the BI department
  • P-45: Development and introduction of a program for employee development
  • P-46: Development of a concept to identify key operational employees for sales and promoting entrepreneurship within the company
  • P-47: Enhancement of customer-focus through workshops, reorganization and expansion of professional profiles
  • P-49: Assessment of strengths & weaknesses and coaching for employees' personal development
  • P-50: Implementation of workshops and trainings around employees' personal development goals


The ANSAPARTNERS team combines operational implementation strength in leadership positions and conceptual methodological expertise with an advanced understanding of private equity. Our managers have lead strategic and operational projects in a wide range of industries, which have significantly increased the value of the respective companies.

David Hecker is the Managing Director and founder of ANSAPARTNERS.


David Hecker has worked for many years for fast-growing medium-sized companies in leading positions, including Managing Director, CFO, Commercial Director, Interim Manager, Consultant and Member of the Advisory Board. His focus is on the strategic and operational development of private equity portfolio companies ranging from value enhancement strategies (revenue growth, cost reduction and cash flow optimization), to corporate integration, reporting and controlling systems.


Previously, David worked for several years for international private equity firms, where he carried out acquisitions and divestments as well as providing operational and strategic support to portfolio companies. Both as an executive in PE portfolio companies and as a PE investment professional, David has worked with some of the world’s most successful private equity funds, including Waterland Private Equity, TA Associates, Auctus Capital Partners and Castik Capital.


David studied economics (Dipl.Vw. / Master) at the University of Mannheim, Germany, and at the NHH in Bergen, Norway. During his studies he gained practical experience at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Daimler-Chrysler in Beijing, China (strategy department) and GIZ in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.



Dirka is a Recruiting Expert.

In her work for ANSAPARTNERS, Dirka combines her experience as a recruiter for management consultancies, private equity firms and German mid-size companies with her passion for talent and business development.

Dirka has gained extensive international experience through her dual degree in international management in Spain (Valencia) and Germany (Bremen), her master’s program for human resource management in England (Oxford) as well as her international professional career. The various positions she held in the consultancies Deloitte (London), Mercer (Frankfurt) and Accenture (Madrid), the top executive search boutique XELLENTO and the private equity firm Auctus have taught Dirka how to adopt highly diverse perspectives.


Martin is a Private Equity Operations Professional.

Martin has been working as an interim manager and consultant for mid-sized companies for several years. His focus is on the implementation of strategic and operational measures related to commercial management as well as the development of sales organizations.

He previously worked at a major Hanseatic family office in the area of investment management, where he oversaw and guided various company acquisitions on both the buyer and seller side. Martin was also responsible for operational management in a portfolio company, where he oversaw the entire change process during a comprehensive restructuring as well as the global development of a new division that quickly became the company‘s second-strongest sales segment.

After earning his degree in industrial engineering, Martin began his career at the management consulting firm Accenture, where he developed and implemented process and IT strategies for renowned clients.


Marta is a Private Equity Operations Professional.

Marta has been working as a consultant and an interim manager for over 7 years. Her focus is on performance optimization (revenue, costs and cash flow), operational restructuring as well as the validation and expansion of reporting and controlling systems.

Marta combines extensive experience in senior management positions―for example, as commercial director―with a deep understanding of private equity, which she gained through her cooperation with investment companies such as Palero Capital and Avedon Capital Partners.

Marta started her career at the management consulting firm Alvarez & Marsal in turnaround and restructuring practice. She studied business administration at the University of Passau and the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine.


Julian has been working as consultant for startups and mid-sized companies since 2011. His focus is on the development and implementation of growth strategies, particularly digital business models and process automation.


After working with mid-sized companies, Julian started his own company in Mexico which he sold in 2017. Since then, he has been active as investor and advisor to startups. He also works with traditional businesses on digital transformation projects and operational efficiency improvements.


Julian started his career at NATO in the area of Operational Analysis and holds degrees in economics from the University of Mannheim and New York University (NYU).


Lea is a consultant and interim manager with a focus on business development, e-commerce, sales and process optimization.


Prior to this, Lea held various management positions at renowned online companies and founded an e-commerce company. Lea started her career at Rocket Internet Ventures, where she was responsible for strategic and business development projects at various ventures.


Lea studied business at the RSM Erasmus Universiteit, the Universiteit Maastricht and the Université Panthéon Sorbonne (Paris I).



René has worked as a consultant and interim manager for many years. He focuses on performance optimization, development and implementation of efficient business processes as well as restructuring (e.g. IDW S6).


In his consulting projects and interim management mandates (e.g. as interim financial director and interim managing director) René combines strong results orientation with broad process expertise and deep know-how in business software solutions.


After studying finance, accounting and balance sheet management, René held various management positions in various functions, including Head of Central Purchasing and Head of Sales, before becoming Managing Director of a medium-sized company which he successfully managed for more than 10 years.


"We are looking for people who see opportunities where others see problems―people who are high performers and want to grow beyond themselves."


Do you strive for continual professional growth? Do you want to face the conceptual challenges of advisory mandates while assuming operational responsibility in German SME sector companies and overseeing private equity investments? Unfold your full potential at our firm!

Our comprehensive project pipeline offers you the opportunity to contribute to the development of several hidden champions in highly attractive industries. Apply now and become part of the further expansion of a dynamic expert organization for the operational development of private equity portfolio companies in the German SME sector.


If you are interested in one of our positions for which you possess the required skills, we are happy to receive your application (cover letter, CV, transcripts, incl. A-levels) via email to Ms. Dirka Vermee:


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